Our philosophy

Synterium is a Community in which the participants are united by a global Mission:

Broadening human possibilities applying the achievements of modern technologies

The main Values of the Community are:

  • Synergy of opportunities;
  • Individual freedom and independence;
  • Continuous personal development.

Combining mutual values, we are moving towards the realization of our Mission.

Values of Synterium Projects

The Philosophy of the Community is based on the Values that correspond to essential activities of Synterium. This Philosophy leads the path of the Community, following the principle of fair compensation for the contribution of each participant to the development of the Community.

Having joined, every participant receives unlimited opportunities. First of all, it’s the right of choice of the activity they are interested in and would like to engage in the future.

The main directions are as follows: Synterium Finance, Synterium Genomics, Synterium Ecology, Synterium LifeStyle. The participation in these projects will broaden the possibilities of the participants because better results can be achieved only by joint efforts.

I. Genomics and Ecology (Opportunities)

Receiving and processing the data on a global scale allows to improve the quality of life of every participant.

Connecting research results in Genomics and Ecology with the latest technologies like blockchain, we create focused solutions for everyone.

II. Finance (Stability and Freedom)

Finance is a system of economic relations between people, arising in the process of production, distribution, exchange, and consumption of material, intellectual goods, and services. They are an integral part of the life of a modern person. Financial stability enhances opportunities and provides the person with a wide range of choices and the ability to make an easy decision.

The Synterium Finance project is the technological basis of the Community ecosystem, which ensures financial stability and freedom of the participants.

III. Ecology (Development)

Environmental problems have been being solved by humanity throughout its history. People realized that it is necessary to use natural resources wisely, without disturbing natural mechanisms and thus preserving the basis of its existence. Today modern technologies open New horizons for the development of this science. The Synterium Ecology project aims to improve the quality of the environment through data collection and processing on a global scale. By analyzing the human habitat, we help to make the right decision to influence it. That, as a result, allows everyone to become a direct participant in the development of ecology.

IV. Lifestyle (Synergy)

The Lifestyle is the synergy of many components.

Taking part in 3 previous projects of Synterium, the person forms the way of life, making it brighter and more saturated. The synergy of all participants together gives the maximum result to a personalized approach to the selection of the recommended product. A lifestyle is a form of existence, where harmony with the universe is in the center of human life.