New promotional offer for Synterium Community Leaders. Don`t miss the opportunity!

New promotional offer for Synterium Community Leaders. Don`t miss the opportunity!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are happy to announce that in the second half of October, Synterium Family Seminar will be held. The event will take place in a hot country, Egypt. Apart from sunshine and sea-breeze, which are bound to fill you with emotions and energy for new achievements, a breath-taking program, motivational sessions, company news, and business trainings will be waiting for you!

You will have an opportunity to attend fruitful meetings with the Management, join the group of people that constitute Synterium Family. All of these are certain to give you an energy boost as well as vivid memories.

To make your participation in Synterium Family Seminar even more pleasant, we’ve prepared a Promo Offer for you. Should you fulfill its requirements, you will grant privileges in the form of compensation of expenses related to the Event.

In order to get individual privileges, you should fulfill one of the following requirements:

  • If Your individual Turnover is 5 000 EUR, 50% of the expenses will be covered.
  • In case Your individual Turnover is 10 000 EUR, 100% of the expenses will compensated.
  • If you manage to make a 20 000 EUR Turnover, not only you will have 100% expenses covered, but also those of one guest invited by you.

Also, we’ve designed a set of offers to the most active Leaders of Synterium Community:

  • If the total Turnover of your Structure is 60 000 EUR or more, you, as a Leader, will get a 100% coverage of expenses related to this participation in the Event.
  • When your Structure reaches the revenue of 100 000 EUR, we grant you, a Leader, an opportunity to have not only your expenses covered but also those of your family member or a business partner.

Moreover, there is a special offer for Top-Leader, who make the most valuable contribution to the Community growth, and they will be rewarded as follows:

When the total Turnover of your Structure reaches 200 000 EUR, you, as a Top-Leader, get a 100% coverage of expenses related to your participation in the Event. More importantly, two guests that you invite will also have their expenditures compensated.

The Promo Offer starts on July 1st and will last until October 1st, 2018 inclusive.
Please note! Some important changes have been made; you can check them following the link:

The list of participants that fulfill the requirements are to be filled and sent to the Community Administration by Top-Leaders, not later than October 3rd.

Do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity to participate in the Event with 100% coverage of the expenses. We will love to fill your life with bright emotions.