Synterium Family Seminar Promo offer IMPORTANT CHANGES

Synterium Family Seminar Promo offer IMPORTANT CHANGES

Dear partners, we would love to share information regarding the important changes in the Synterium Family Seminar plan and the new Promotional offer deadline with you.

As a result of network structure expansion and numerous requests from our members, the event will be held on October 18-19, and the Promotional offer is valid till October 1 inclusive!

We want to remind you that apart from a chance to join the Synterium Family, you will have an opportunity to get a lot of useful information regarding the successful creation and development of a family business. Also, you will learn how tight the connection between family values and modern technologies can be, and how their synergy affects the formation of your individual lifestyle!

Those, who have not learnt about the Promotional offer yet, can learn more about it at the following link:

A significant and, at the same time, positive change that will be interesting to our participants, who plan to fulfil the Promo requirements, will be the fact, that the period of stay in Egypt is now 5 days instead of 3, meaning that you have a chance to spend 5 unforgettable days (from October 17 to 22).

The list of participants that fulfil the requirements are to be filled and sent to the Community Administration by Top-Leaders, not later than October 3, 2018.

Having fulfilled the requirements guarantees you amazing holidays and an opportunity to appreciate the exotic atmosphere even after the event. You will be able to communicate informally, attend a dinner with the top-management, cocktails and many other entertaining activities at the hotel: gym with magnificent scenery, SPA, sports activities in the open air, diving to appreciate the fabulous underwater world of the unforgettable and hot Egypt.

Finally, you will personally learn about the development perspectives of the company, share the stage with the key-persons of the Community, and have your career achievements appreciated by other members of Synterium Family!

See you in Egypt!

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