Synterium Grand Opening European Summit in Warsaw, June 3-4, 2018

Synterium Grand Opening European Summit in Warsaw, June 3-4, 2018

Dear participants and partners of Synterium Community!

Synterium Grand Opening European Summit will take place on June 3 – 4 at Radisson Blu Hotel, Warsaw (Poland). To mark the importance of this event, we have prepared a fascinating program schedule:

  • Ceremonial grand opening
  • Performance of experienced and notable speakers
  • Acquaintance with the leaders and the participants of the Community
  • Motivational sessions
  • Powerful business training
  • A chance to meet the partners from all over the world and exchange knowledge and experience
  • Exciting prize drawings

You will become a part of the magnificent and ceremonial event, filled with bright moments and tons of useful information. Also, you will be able to feel certain of future perspectives open for the most active participants and will get a chance to be the first to learn the latest news and activities of Synterium.

And so much more!

For more detailed description and the list of speakers, please follow the link below where you can register your ticket:

To apply for participation in the event, you must indicate the participant’s ticket number in the registration form. The tickets are being distributed through Regional Leaders.

You will have a chance to find out a bit more about Synterium Grand Opening program schedule. Subscribe to our official Facebook page, as well as Telegram channel and always stay informed about the actual news and events.



Synterium Grand Opening European Summit is an ideal opportunity to enter the postinformation Community of the future! See you at the event!