Regional Leader: Rank Description

Regional Leader: Rank Description

Dear partners, previously you have been presented with the list of the very first acknowledged Regional Leaders of Synterium Community. The official listing will grow soon, and, will be announced in our newsfeed – stay tuned!

A Regional Leader of the Community possesses a number of rights and privileges, which can be found below:

1. Administrative rights and privileges of the Community provide:

  • The right to assign a new Regional Leader in the Official website of the Community;

  • The right to represent the Community in their particular Region, being privileged to gain rapid informational assistance from the Community;

  • Chance to participate in the TOP-Leader meetings, contributing their ideas as per the development of the project, possible changes and innovations;

  • Chance to become a member of Leaders Board of the Community.

2. Informational assistance in Regional Structure:

  • Privilege to take part in future webinars and events on behalf of the Community;

  • Privilege to participate in the official events of the Community as a speaker;

  • Privileged way of inviting the official representatives of the Community to carry out Partner webinars and events;

  • Possibility to perform a learning training sessions on behalf of the Community, contributing to the development of the Regional Structure.

This is not a complete list of all the benefits which can be acquired becoming a Regional Leader. In order to achieve it, a candidate must fulfill a series of requirements and file their application in to the Administration. To learn about the requirements for becoming a Regional Leader, follow the updates in the official website and social media.

Don’t miss your chance to approach the new heights of building your structure – be the first to gain official recognition from the Community in your home region.

Follow the news and stay tuned!