SUPER PROMO: Macau and Riga

SUPER PROMO: Macau and Riga

Friends, we are eager to share with You wonderful news! You will have a chance to take part in a PROMO and get a chance to visit 2 events straight off with the trip compensation, starting from tomorrow, November 23.

What shall you do to get it?

  • You will have a right to visit our business-event placed in one of Europe’s historical cities -Riga, which is planned for February 2019, if your personal commodity turnover will rich 5000 euro.
  • In addition to the visit of the event in Riga, you will have a marvelous possibility to visit the most anticipated event announced in the UAE - a Synterium leaders meeting in Macau, which will occur on March 2019; if your structural commodity turnover will rich 100 000 euro. It will be unforgettable! However, the amount of places is limited: only the first 20 participants who will meet PROMO requirements will get this unbelievable possibility to visit Macau with full compensation. Hurry up!

Moreover, we want to inform you that participants who visited the event in Riga will have a chance to take part in the lottery of 5 tickets on the Macau trip.

PROMO will last till January 2019 inclusive. Everything is in your hands!

More detailed information concerning the events you will know in near future.

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