Promo offer for Synterium Leaders extended to May, 25!

Promo offer for Synterium Leaders extended to May, 25!

Dear Synterium Leaders!

Synterium Administration is willing to inform you, that in response to numerous inquiries from our Top-Leaders related to a big number of new participants that would like to visit the European Grand Opening Summit in Warsaw and, at the same time, fulfill the promotional offer requirements, we prolong this offer by 10 days.

The promotional offer related to the Grand Opening is still available and will last until midnight (00:00 UTC), May 25, inclusive. Thus, you still have enough time to meet all the requirements needed and attend the Grand Opening in Warsaw completely free* (or with a 50% compensation, depending on requirements met). To mark the importance of this event, we have prepared a fascinating program schedule.

*Please note that the compensation applies only to accommodation, food, and entertainment while at the Summit.

We remind you that to attend the event for free, your structure has to have a turnover of 10 000 EUR. For a 50% compensation – at least 5 000 EUR.

If you have not registered your ticket yet or you’d like to learn about the upcoming event more, please, follow the link:

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Synterium Grand Opening European Summit is an ideal opportunity to enter the post-information Community of the future! See you at the event!