2019 global plan announcement

2019 global plan announcement

Dear Friends,

Synterium does not stay still, 2019 is a next step in the Community development. We want to announce you the most global plans of the upcoming year. A line of new projects launching is planned, particularly:

  • GectaExchange - exchange launching for GectaCoin liquidity provision at the expense of the new projects, which will be started in 2019. Besides, one of the exchanges’ tasks is to provide free GectaCoin trade on other actives: cryptocurrency or fiat money.

  • Synterium Asia - a project devoted to the leaders meeting in Macau. In terms of the Asian project there will be interaction with investors concerning data-center building, which will compensate the lack of power in the European network.

  • Synterium Genomics - project start in the genomics sphere. The Family Genetic Tree keeping service, as well as three genetic tests, will be available on the first stage.

  • Synterium Ecology - launching an ecology project. The project will consist of several stages, in terms of the beginning phase a fund will be formed. The aim of the fund is environment protection.

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