GectaExchange: Purpose and Objectives

GectaExchange: Purpose and Objectives

Dear participants!

Earlier in the news, there has been an announcement regarding the launch of a software IT-solution aimed for the organization of exchange operations, acting as a trading market, - GectaExchange. Today we are suggesting you find out more details on purpose and the objectives of such financial instrument.

Within the frames of the global financial ecosystem, having GectaCoin as an accounting unit, the innovative cryptocurrency market GectaExchange ensures the achievement of the following objectives:

  • Building an additional business, which will enable receiving an additional way of income to the Custody Fund of GectaCoin; this will allow the exchange rate of GectaCoin grow more steadily. Key sources of income are: trading commission and fee for the trading market entry of cryptocurrency and other financial instruments based on the BlockChain technology;
  • Enable the holders of GectaCoin to exchange it for any other existing digital currencies in real-time and according to the current market price.
  • Allow avoiding the income loss from the trading commission, due to the necessity of trades organization of GectaCoin in other existing cryptocurrency markets.
  • Increase the demand for GectaCoin accounting unit, since the trading commission is to be withdrawn in GectaCoins, regardless of the cryptocurrency pairs being exchanged.
  • Expand the options for commercial use of GectaHPC BlockChain by means of the development of the functional designed for the creation and the use of a standardized smart-contract toolset to process the emission of the Client’s cryptocurrencies, tokens and other financial cryptocurrency instruments with the possibility of automatic entry to the trading markets.

We hope you find this information useful – stay tuned!