Gecta Custody Services: Official Launch

Gecta Custody Services: Official Launch

Dear Friends, today, we would like to share some great news with you! Our technological partner, Gecta Custody Services company, has announced that the mechanism of the Custody Fund has been successfully put into the commercial operation, applying the Rise Over Market policy. Such policy supplies steady growth of GectaCoin exchange rate and ensures the liquidity of this accounting unit.

Please, pay attention to the fact that the growth of GectaCoin exchange rate depends upon specific conditions related to the specifics of the calculating potential of the Network and its functionality, in which the coin flow is taking place.

The volume of regular transactions has reached necessary economical indexes and, in this regard, the Board is determined to make the following decision: GectaCoin exchange rate increases! According to the policy of the company, it is planned that similar recalculations will happen, as a result of the required indexes being reached, during the period of one calendar week.

You now have a chance to visit the website and get acquainted with its functionality, namely:

  • Principles of Custody Fund operations;
  • The statistics of Custody Fund and its accounts;
  • GectaCoin Liquidity;
  • Exchange Rate Growth graph and its forecast.

Finally, a set of videos that visually demonstrate these and other processes in great detail are to be released soon! Stay tuned!

The official web-site of Gecta Custody Fund is available at the following link::