Future Plans: Synterium LifeStyle

Future Plans: Synterium LifeStyle

We are honored to inform you that the Synterium LifeStyle project has been expertly evaluated and is scheduled for its launch in 2018-2019. Corresponding changes have been made to the Roadmap, available in the About company section.

The main goal of the project is to raise the living standard to a new level.

Comfort, a healthy lifestyle, travel, personal development and the success of each and everyone are the main focuses for the newly created Project.

The Project includes 3 programs:

  • Sport. Each participant of the program will be provided with a personal smart watch with a preinstalled program for physical activity monitoring. The program (smart watch) collects data on human biological activity for scientific researches.
  • Travel. Affiliate bonus program providing an opportunity to exchange collected points for traveling purposes.
  • Knowledge. The stage is focused on research and training in the fields of dietetics, healthy lifestyle, the foundations of style, time management and self-presentation.

Participants are rewarded for providing the data on their biological activity.

While Synterium platform was preparing for its launch, our sportsman, Dmitriy Kuzmenko was participating in the triathlon "Ironman" in Turkey and France, finishing with the excellent results. Announcing Synterium LifeStyle Project, we encourage everyone to set their own goals and achieve success in its implementation.

Follow our website updates in the “Projects” section dedicated to the Synterium Lifestyle Project.

Stay tuned!