Completion of the exchange for the ERC20 token

Completion of the exchange for the ERC20 token

The exchange of the GectaCoin to ERC20 token has been successfully completed. Regional leaders received CTAGtoken in full, according to the submitted applications, as well as an additional 6% for the compensation of the transaction commission.

We remind you that this token will be used as an accounting unit in support of business processes and interaction of contractors of the Synterium Genomics project. The name CTAG is an abbreviation of the names of the nitrogenous bases that make up the DNA: C-Cytosine, T-Thymine, A-Adenine, G-Guanine.

CTAGtoken was released in early spring of 2019, and since April has been trading on a public open market, increasing liquidity and trading volumes. To date, the current rate of CTAGtoken is $ 0.31. In the near future there will be another exit to additional exchanges, which will protect the token from sharp jumps in the course and allow it to take its rightful place on CoinMarketCap. The official website of the token:

The exchange of GectaCoin to CTAGtoken, at the insistence of the leadership council and lengthy negotiations with the Top Management, was made in a one-to-one relationship (1 GectaCoin per 1 CTAGtoken). Thus, each member of the Synterium community for each of their own GectaCoin received an asset that in the public open market has a value of $ 0.31 today, which is more than three times the last official rate of GectaCoin.

The primary targeted use of the token will be the use in the Synterium Community ( and in personalized diagnostic applications delivered to clinics that integrate DNA testing into their service package. As well as conducting IEO at a rate of $ 1 in the open public market, in order to attract equity investment assets for the construction of a biobank, the start of which is scheduled for this year. The current task for the launch of Synterium Genomics is to find a new technology partner for the delivery of a BigData class storage solution, or to attract fund investment assets through IEO to resume work with Сentral Мarketing Limited and continue funding their development and technology solutions. As a neural network, it was decided to use Google TensorFlow at the initial stage. Thus, only the task of storing and processing digital results of DNA analyzes remains unopened.