Synterium Lifestyle

Project Synterium LifeStyle is an online solution for tracking health status, and selection of optimal products and services recommended according to individual biological characteristics of each person. The care of beauty, health, and longevity becomes possible with digitization of individual biological information and application of the latest achievements of personal genomics together with high technologies.

Stages of project development

Life Market
Q3 2018 - Q2 2020

Launch of Synterium Marketplace – an online platform offering goods and services aimed at harmonizing a healthy and full-fledged lifestyle.

The main categories of products and services on the trading platform are presented in 4 categories:

  • Sports – Products related to active lifestyle
  • Health and beauty – products and services related to the improvement of general welfare and appearance, normalization of nutrition and active longevity
  • Travel – individual selection of tourist services, taking into account the peculiarities of physiology and health, based on the data obtained through DNA analysis
  • Image – Goods and services aimed at shaping the image and style of a successful person.
Life High Market
Q2 2020 – Q1 2021

Improvement of the trading platform Synterium Marketplace to the level of the service platform of personal recommendations. Intelligent Synterium Mapping Systems will enable the user of the Marketplace to identify recommended products and services based on their individual genetic and biological characteristics. This function will be possible due to the use of the project Synterium Genomics and Synterium Ecology.

Participation of the user in the project Synterium Genomics gives an opportunity to get a complete personalized map of recommendations in terms of health, beauty, and lifestyle. Based on the personal recommendations card, the built-in artificial intelligence of the Marketplace will pick up the appropriate products and services to the buyer.

Expansion of the range of Marketplace products under its own brand.

Life Infinity
Q2 2021 – Q2 2022

Launch of Synterium Life Mobile application – Mobile version of Marketplace trading platform and monitoring of basic health indicators in real time.

Cooperation with manufacturers on the implementation of the information standard of compatibility for products and services in the form of QR code on the packaging of goods or information on the site for services. When reading the QR code in the mobile application Synterium Life, the user receives information about the composition of the product or the effect of it, and the application automatically generates a conclusion about the individual impact on the body. The use of the products is also registered in Synterium Life so as to monitor the impact on the dynamics.