• 2014

    The first company of Synterium ecosystem, Central Marketing Limited, is established. Its focus is on innovative developments in the field of high technologies.

  • 2015

    Polish businessman and sociologist Valerii Popel forms the ideology of Synterium post-information Community.

    Central Marketing Limited initiates the development of distributed data storage and referral computing technologies.

  • 2016

    Application of blockchain technology in the development of distributed data storage. Development of own chip, for use of algorithms of calculation of blockchain hash-functions at a hardware level.

    The creation of Community accounting unit, GectaCoin.

    Registration of E-Trade Hub as Synterium service company for the formation of information and accounting system, Synterium Platform, and organization of marketing programs of the Community.

    Organization of payment system PayChi to provide for the community.

  • 2017

    Central Marketing Limited goes on to install the full-scale infrastructure for the commercial launch of the global storage based on blockchain technology, GectaHPC BlockChain. E-Trade Hub completes the preparation of Synterium marketing programs.

    Central Marketing Limited and E-Trade Hub enter into a strategic partnership.

    Technical integration is completed, and GectaCoin is defined as the accounting unit of Synterium Platform and as an internal accounting unit of the Community.

    Start of the primary construction of a distributed computing network to support GectaHPC BlockChain.

    The launch of the first project of the Platform, Synterium Finance. The process of calculating hash-functions of the blockchain at the hardware level began. The Community marketing programs were presented to the Community.

  • 2018

    Initiation of the second project of the Platform, Synterium Genomics. The Company Genomics Science Group LTD was created.