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Synterium Genomics program

The research on the genome of a human-being is of significant importance. The frames of the practical application of acquired results are extensive. Speaking about the research in genetics field, our suggestion is to pay closer attention to the adjustment of general health approach, instead of genetic illnesses.

Taking into account the development of society and individuals, we cannot possibly set the human body aside from the progress – it requires innovations to a greater extent than everything surrounding us.

Let’s deal with the prime cause, not with the consequences.

Synterium Genomics program

Similar to the other programs of the community, Synterium Genomics project is divided into multiple stages.

The initial development stage of the program is the creation of specialized mechanisms of genetic materials gathering on world level. Applying the combination of physical sample storing in a low-temperature biobank together with digital storing of DNA/RNA sample in an electronic HPC cluster - enables instant online access for scientific research centers from all over the world to such data.

The participation in the program expects the provision of your DNA sample to biobank and a digital storage giving the access for scientists from around the world to this information.