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Gecta Mining Program – is a unique program with the highest level of relevance and income possibility.

Gecta Mining Primary is the initial program to be realized within the frames of GECTA Finance. Gecta Mining Primary is an important step in the creation of HPC (High-Performance Computing) cluster being a technological basis of BigData class. During the realization period of the program an accounting unit – GectaCoin – will be implemented within GECTA community platform.

This cryptocurrency has been selected after a multistage expert analysis; its’ ideology and technical components corresponds to the mind of Synterium community.

The emission quantity of new cryptocurrency will be 4 000 000 000 coins during the process of generation. This exact amount is equivalent to the number of urban population of our Planet, thus, allowing any interested person to have his own coin.

The technology used in GectaCoin is unique due to the fact that our blockchain is able to store the data from different fields of activity simultaneously, unlike the existing blockchain-algorithms which do not allow such combination of different-type information in one place.

Gecta Mining Primary program is closely connected with the infrastructure creation, applying a specialized toolset for maintaining vital activity of Synterium post-information community. The presence of internal currency is a significant requirement for the community existence. Acting as a universal equivalent and a measure of value, it will be used in the form of exchange, payment and accumulation unit.

The benefits from the participation in Gecta Mining Primary are quite obvious:

Your participation in the construction of HPC cluster will be rewarded in the same measure as your eagerness, so – you build your career and gain income from mining simultaneously.

The synergy of business marketing and new cryptocurrency is a new trend of 2017-2018!

Synterium Finances