Synterium Finance

Synterium Finance provides a technological base for the implementation of Synterium Platform projects and for the functioning of Community’s accounting unit - GectaCoin.

Within the framework of the project, GectaHPC Blockchain system for recording, storing and processing data was created.

GectaHPC Blockchain system is a high-performance computer cluster (HPC), which is a data storage of the Big Data class and a computational resource, based on the blockchain technology.


The cluster architecture of GectaHPC Blockchain allows providing scalability of the system due to the set of interconnected computers, working together as a single computer resource for common tasks performing.

The using of the blockchain technology in the system ensures secure decentralized storage and accounting of the data.

The computational form of the cluster allows to reduce the calculation time, compared with a single computer, by dividing the tasks into parallel running branches that exchange data over the binding network.


Synterium Finance

ensuring the emission of GectaCoin and the accounting of transactions
support for dedicated «virtual blockchains» for providing commercial service to external clients

Synterium Genomics and Synterium Ecology

for storage, processing and analysis of the data, obtained through research
for the scientific calculations


Gecta Computing Primary:
Q4 2017 - Q3 2018

The creation of the first version of GectaHPC Blockchain, which includes the formation of a physical data storage with the basic use of blockchain technology.

The launch of the partner network for participants of the computing pool. Members of the computing pool create a blockchain, by using the USB computing devices, involved in the distributed network. The formation of the blockchain allows to maintain the power of GectaHPC Blockchain system, to produce GectaCoin and provides accounting for this unit.

Increase the computing performance of GectaHPC Blockchain system by increasing the number of participants in the computing pool.

Gecta Computing Distributed:
Q4 2018 - Q2 2019

The release of the basic version of GectaHPC Blockchain, when the system capacity reaches 6,000 computing nodes. The version change occurs due to the transition from the physical data storage to the distributed storage architecture with the transfer of its copy to the personal computers of the members of the computing pool.

GectaHPC Cluster:
Q3 2019 - Q1 2020

The release of the target version of GectaHPC Blockchain with new functionality, which provides for carrying out referral calculations in the system, required in scientific calculations. Referral calculations allow you to execute tasks within the network, using the data of previous and subsequent nodes. The using of USB-devices of a new lineup for maintaining the target version of the system.

GectaHPC Advanced:
Q2 2020 - Q1 2021

The launch of GectaHPC Blockchain advanced version, with the using new hardware elements called Hardware Gateway. The utilization of such elements will allow for expanding the functions of the system for processing data by controlling the recording of information within the network on different layers in a given period.

GectaHPC Executive:
Q2 2021 - Q2 2022

The improvement of GectaHPC Blockchain to Executive level for the ensuring of the data integration with third-party systems.

Questions & Answers

What is a cluster?

A cluster is a group of computers, connected by high-speed communication channels, representing, from the user’s perspective, a single hardware resource.

What is the blockchain technology or blockchain?

A blockchain is a continuous sequential chain of blocks (linked list) that contains information. Most often, copies of the blockchain are stored on a variety of different computers, independently from each other.