Synterium Family Seminar
United Arab Emirates

Synterium Family Seminar

Leisure time with your family or business: want to know how to combine these things? We invite you to attend Synterium Family Seminar, that will take place on November 8-12, in the United Arab Emirates, at the shores of the Indian Ocean.
Visiting Emirates is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy Luxury vacation combined with the high-quality of western service, exotic landscapes and crystal-clear water of the Ocean. The architectural heritage of the Emirates is worth special attention, fascinating with its majesty and eastern charm of the Arab Fairytale that will capture your heart for the rest of times!

Synterium is a unity of like-minded people, who share mutual values and put all of their efforts to achieve new heights and the right to become a part of Synterium Family. That is why the theme of the event has been selected not by accident.

Besides the possibility to be a part of Synterium Family, you will get a lot of useful information about the ways you can earn and build your own business with your family. Also, you will learn how tight the connection between family values and modern technologies can be, and how their synergy affects the formation of your individual lifestyle!

How can you benefit from the event?

  • First of all, you will make new acquaintances and communicate with the Founders of the business;
  • This is the opportunity to get to know other members of the Community better and witness the results of their efforts;
  • By attending the event, you will have a chance to have your issues answered;
  • You will also take part in a drawing of valuable prizes.

We’ve prepared a breath-taking 2-days program for the period of your stay! We’d also want to slightly open the curtain and inform you, that a top-notch dinner party, numerous entertaining and informative activities, business-speakers, communication with Leaders, motivational sessions, Q and A interaction, and many other things are waiting for you!

Notably, those participants that manage to fulfil the PROMO requirements will get special rewards. More details about the offer can be found at the following link:

Also, don’t forget that the most active participants, who contributed significantly to the development of the business, will receive a unique chance to join the Top-management at a private gala dinner and take part in other event activities.

Finally, you will personally learn about the development perspectives of the company, share the stage with the key-persons of the Community and be among the first people, who get the first-hand information about the future of Synterium and Community Projects.

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