Synterium Ecology

Throughout history, humanity has neglected the use of natural resources in the pursuit of survival, personal enrichment, and other material benefits. Such negligence has led to many global problems.

In modern times, it is unacceptable to neglect not only the care of yourself but also about your planet – it is time to act!

The process begins with the collection of information on the state of the environment to further forecasting and taking appropriate action. Data collected through specialized information collection systems are processed and transferred to special virtual storage created on the GectaHPC BlockChain technology called GSG Computing Storage.

The architectural peculiarity of such a technological solution lies in the distributed location of computational nodes and the ability to produce parallel mathematical processing of data using the algorithm. This allows further fragmentation (segmentation) of information by analytical systems for the possibility of providing such data to demanding consumers.

Use of the obtained results for participation in programs on the improvement of the ecological situation on a planetary scale, with the purpose of change of climatic conditions of the planet up to suitable for the habitation of terrestrial animals and plants.