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About Platform

Synterium community is a unique by its’ nature association which keeps the principles of a partnership and, speaking juridically, is a contractual formation created by its’ participants aiming for mutual commercial interactions. However, the activity of Synterium community does not end on commercial interest – it has much higher aspirations.

The purpose of the community is to create a unique area of the future, where high technologies are accessible and applicable, the illnesses are curable and ecosystem is under protection. The society of the highest level of conscious acceptance based on the principles of respect, value of the idea and preservation of environment and human beings.

The platform is a tool of Synterium community where you can realize your goals with benefits for the future. Programs of a high relevance and potential income are presented here for you.

Business marketing programs have been evaluated by selected expert committee including independent specialists (representing scientific institutions of a proper field) and the ones representing Synterium community. Thus, every program is being reviewed according to the following criteria: relevance, geopolitical importance, ecological compatibility, the technology development component; expediency, recoupment and the possibility of acquiring income from the participation. Having fulfilled all the requirements of this expert evaluation the program is going to be suggested to the members of Synterium community platform.

An important condition of the community existence is the presence of internal currency. It serves as a universal payment, exchange and saving unit. Acts as a universal equivalent and a measure of value.

Upon a multi-level expert analysis GectaCoin has been selected as an electronic currency. Its’ ideology is related to the community in many ways:

  • Mind-related: the emission amount of GectaCoin units will be 4 000 000 000 which is equal to the number of urban population of our Planet; Which means that every person interested will have an opportunity to own a coin.
  • Technology-related: GectaCoin HPC storage is able to store the data of different industries.

Synterium community is a new nation with no boundaries or territories. A democratic society where the role of legislative authority belongs to selected leaders, justly forming the elite of the community. 7 leaders form the Committee of Seven and considered as an example for imitation.

Our mission is to create an open society aimed for the integrity and prosperity of Noosphere, connecting a huge amount of different projects in one solid system with the purpose of realization future technologies nowadays.