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About Company

In 2016 E-Trade Hub company started operations in Poland as a start-up in the field of technology innovations.

The company positioned itself as marketing services provider and developed a product, which has become an innovative solution in the market of modern technologies.

Working on Synterium platform, as a product, I came to the conclusion that it’s more than just a marketing tool or an area for maintaining business. During many years of hard work on the project, which started long before E-Hub Trade foundation, Synterium has turned into a tax-free project which involves all human fields of activity”.

Valerii Popel,

CEO of the company

Applying the standards of business marketing, informational-accounting platform has become fundamental for the creation of Synterium information community nowadays.

The synergy of future technologies and successful business has become possible by means of cooperation with Central Marketing Limited, whose idea of implementing self-developed blockchain has underlined the first program within Synterium platform.

All the programs of Synterium community are connected to each other and form a logical way of constructing a community of the future.

The following projects will be realized within the following 5 years:

“Technologies will define the direction of the XXI century. Some of them can make life excellent, while others can make it terrible. Mankind needs to make several very difficult decisions in the future. Which technologies should we accept, and which ones should be treated with caution?”

Peter Thiel

Venture investor,

Technological visionary


February Central Marketing Limited is founded in Hong Kong, aiming to progressive activity and innovative designs of high technology development field.
January Central Marketing Limited initiates the beginning of technological development of distributed storage systems and referral calculations.
May Polish businessman and sociologist V. Popel forms the ideology of post-information community, defining the field of practical application of modern technologies and tools of modern informational community.
March Central Marketing Limited company is developing distributed storage applying blockchain technology and starts the creation of GectaCoin cryptocurrency.
August Central Marketing Limited company starts to develop technological chip for the blockchain hash-function computing on a hardware level.
November E-Trade Hub was founded in Poland, aimed to create innovative marketing platform for the cooperative community based on Sensible Business Marketing technology.
April Central Marketing Limited takes on the stage of creation a full-scale infrastructure for commercial launch of global storage applying blockchain technology named GectaHPC.
June E-Trade Hub finalizes the creation of marketing platform in a form of a product and established “Synterium” brand.
July A strategic partnership between Central Marketing Limited and E-Trade Hub is established.
September Technical integration of GectaCoin cryptocurrency is complete and is defined as monetary unit of “Synterium” platform in a form of internal currency of post-information community.
November Primary construction of distributed computing network has started for supplying GectaHPC.
December Mutual initiation of Synterium Genomics project and a legal registration of “Genomics Science Foundation” for the participants of active project.

The production of new hardware devices is established by Central Marketing Limited company in order to change the type of Gecta HPC storage from decentralized to distributed.

The positioning of GectaCoin as universal payment unit in the infrastructure of Synterium post-information community.

The launch of self-designed polyfunctional messenger for Synterium post-information community.

The realization of the potential of Gecta HPC distributed network for commercial projects of different fields of activity.

The official start of Synterium Genomics project which includes the following research courses: DNA research, ecology and biomedicine.

The formation of an investment fund for Synterium Genomics project ensuring.

The initiation of Synterium Area and the formation of administrative body (The Committee of Seven) of Post-information community.

GectaCoin entry to the world cryptocurrency marketplaces and the assurance of its’ rate increase with the help of a marketmaker.

The beginning of biobank construction as biomaterial storage in the future within the frames of Synterium Genomics project.

The launch of Sport Program within the framework of Synterium Lifestyle project, particularly the production of smart-watch developed for the collecting (tracking) of human bio-activity data.

The initiation of Gecta HPC storage filling with DNA/RNA samples within the frames of Synterium Genomics project.

The launch of the affiliate bonus program – Travel Program.

The launch of investment programs in the fields of bio-signature and biomedicine.

the operation of biobank as biomaterial storage has launched within the frames of Synterium Genomics project.

The commercial use of global DNA database in order to optimize and increase the quality of life and health of the participants of Synterium post-information community.

The launch of Knowledge Program aimed for the research and improvement of different aspects of a person's lifestyle (sport, nutrition, travel, individual development).

The formation of services based on research and analysis technology of DNA, implementing analytic data of ecological system and biometric parameters.

The construction of a neural network which has similar structure with human brain cells aimed to create artificial substrate for maintaining the evolution from pseudo artificial intelligence to a full-fledged artificial intelligence and an ability to create and transfer human consciousness to a digital space.