About us

We are united by a common idea to create values that change the world and provide equivalent benefits for our contributions.

The Synterium Community solves tasks beyond the capabilities of each individual, combining the efforts of everyone in the Community through information technology.


What drives us

Realizing the projects of the Synterium platform in the field of finance, genomics, individually-oriented medicine, ecology, IT, and e-commerce, our goal is to improve the quality of human life and increase its duration. Using the developments in the projects and the latest technologies, we create personalized solutions in the field of beauty, health and longevity of life, based on individual biological characteristics.


Become successful with us

Our overall result and achievements are the merits of every participant of the Community who has spent their resource. That is why a system has been created in which each participant's contribution to the development of Synterium is rewarded in accordance with the resources spent and overall success. And this, in turn, leads to the individual success of each participant of the Community.


Become a Participant

Becoming a part of Synterium, you’re getting the following benefits:
• Join the implementation of the most promising and large-scale projects based on blockchain technology;
• Get a stable financial income from Community marketing programs;
• Receive additional possibilities from owning GectaCoin, a Community accounting unit.