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SYNTERIUM Step into the future!
The first post-information community.

Synterium platform —
the innovational project.

Synterium platform – information record-keeping system of “Synterium” community. The best of intellectual elites are gathered here for the sake of continuous human development and individual growth for human advancement.
“In the post-information community, the idea acquires its’ material value. The classic formula “goods-money-goods” is replaced with another one – “idea-money-idea”. We are one of the first to realize the importance of this commodity and apply the concepts of the post-information society into better results”.
Synterium is the first global platform for high-technology projects, where every program goes through prior expert evaluation and assures income and career ladder development; also, we ensure the relevance and high level of security of the projects for modern society and every individual.


Gecta Mining Primary

In order to provide essential services of “SYNTERIUM” post-information community, a companion-program – Gecta Mining Primary - has been developed during the creation of High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster.

Gecta Mining Program combines classic referral program and cryptocurrency mining. While processing the blockchain tasks, for maintaining infrastructural business operations, the computation module is mining GectaCoin cryptocurrency.
You build your career and receive income from mining at the same time.

The synergy of business marketing and a new cryptocurrency is the new trend of 2017-2018.

Under expertise


The relevance of the Ecosystem’s protection is not reducing even during Mars colonization age.

The changes of carbon dioxide levels in the Earth’s atmosphere indicates serious threats of global warming and irreversible climate changes.

Synterium Eco Analyzer gathers, stores and analyzes data regarding CO2 level variations by means of global user network developed. The database is available for non-commercial organizations who are dealing with environmental protection.

The participants build a referral network for the sake of our Planet and gain rewards for the distribution of CO2 level monitoring devices.

Ready for launch

Synterium Genomics program

One of the most ambitious and socially relevant programs in the platform is Synterium Genomics program.

The mission of the first stage of the program is the initiation of accumulation of genetic data of a person aimed to solve the task of human genome as a biomedicine vector of a post-information community combining both individual and common approaches.

For providing your genetic material for research, you receive a reward for contribution to science. Moreover, initiating the gathering of samples in your area allows you climb the career ladder of the community.

People need your efforts: children with cancer, old people with Alzheimer and even animals being tested with cosmetics and drugs. Access to global DNA database can and will raise medicine development level for scientists around the world.

Why Synterium?

Our community is guided by the principles of business marketing. This approach is efficient for ensuring significant income with minimum investments. Multimillion corporations are changing their traditional working format realizing the benefits of business marketing.

Business marketing is a path to the future.

You don’t have to know everything about business to be successful in business marketing. The best Synterium marketing specialists have already done the research and appropriate calculations. We have designed a marketing plan and a learning program that will guide you through every stage of your career development.

We want you to succeed and thus, provide you with a powerful tool for the realization of your most spirited ambitions.

Your profitable business with no rent or employee expenditures.

Minimal risks and high income applying rational approach.

Complete marketing strategy, tutor support and learning on each stage.

Synterium is what you need:

  • You can start your own business and learn from your mistakes losing your time and money, or you can join us and apply professionally developed marketing strategies.
  • You can rent an office, hire employees and spend lots of money, or you can work couple of hours per day and acquire income instead of loss.
  • Starting your own business today, can you arrange the purchase of a house in 12 months? In business marketing – you can! Make your choice

Becoming a member is easy:

  1. Receive a referral code!
  2. Complete the registration!
  3. Purchase the device!
  4. Activate!
  5. Gain benefits!

In order to get irrefragable answers to how to become a participant of the project, receive a referral code and purchase the device, read an appropriate articles in the FAQ section.

Joining the project, you become a member of an intellectual top-flight business club.